Hemingway’s letter to Fitzgerald

I love Letters of Note and the sites latest edition is a reply by Ernest Hemingway to F Scott Fitzgerald giving his opinion on the latter’s latest novel, Tender Is The Night (coincidently, although I’ve read Hemingway, I only got round to reading The Great Gatsby a couple of weeks ago):


I’d like to see you and talk about things with you sober. You were so damned stinking in N.Y. we didn’t get anywhere. You see, Bo, you’re not a tragic character. Neither am I. All we are is writers and what we should do is write. Of all people on earth you needed discipline in your work and instead you marry someone who is jealous of your work, wants to compete with you and ruins you. It’s not as simple as that and I thought Zelda was crazy the first time I met her and you complicated it even more by being in love with her and, of course you’re a rummy. But you’re no more of a rummy than Joyce is and most good writers are. But Scott, good writers always come back. Always. You are twice as good now as you were at the time you think you were so marvellous. You know I never thought so much of Gatsby at the time. You can write twice as well now as you ever could. All you need to do is write truly and not care about what the fate of it is.


Go read the entire thing. Letters of Note:  Forget your personal tragedy

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