Full-time photographers are an endangered species, but so what?

From The Independent’s Photography Blog:

No one can recall a time when there was less money available for photography whilst a demand to fill all the pages in our papers, magazines, websites or PR and advertising campaigns remains so strong.

Now, I’m not saying the industry deserves to be awash with cash simply because ‘hey, we’re artists, man’.  Neither am I expecting sympathy from people for the plight of the full-time photographer – it’s tough for everyone right now.  What I’m really concerned about is the fall in the quality of the photography we will experience as a result of undervaluing this commodity.  As I see it, the quality of images that we are presented with from advertising to editorial is now under threat.

I remember standing on the platform of the London Bridge tube station on my way home from work one day (back when I had a ‘proper job’…) and being confronted by a poster campaign encouraging me to visit Turkey.

They’d used some very poor quality images that were crudely composited together to create a fantasy land; a seascape, with a waterfall flowing into it (in the Med?!), with a Disney style castle on the shore.  It looked awful.

The whole post raises an issue I’ve noticed myself. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer at this stage.

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