Community management done right

Via Gamesutra:

Buenaobra decided enough was enough, and her community team took to Reddit to provide an example to the community of how these supposed unfair bans were far from the truth. It was after seeing the positive reaction to this interactions between developer and community that ArenaNet realized that a full post on Reddit may be the best way to deal with the issue.

As part of the full post, the team responded to angry players who believed they had been banned for no good reason. “I would love to know what I was banned for,” says one Redditor, after which the ArenaNet representative pastes the exact crude chat which led to the ban, complete with vulgar, racist and sexist terms.

Having a scroll through the comments of the Reddit post is quite the eye-opener. Here’s just one example of an offending comment from the game’s in-game chat: “the worm IS fucking hard if you’re a fucking mentalpatient no we fucking dont you can take a keep with 5 people if you’re not a fucking dickhead.”

“We wanted to set the record straight in a more visible way,” notes Buenaobra. “We’ve done this before on a small-scale, one-off basis on fansite forums for the original Guild Wars. However, this is the first time we’ve done this in a more visible space such as Reddit. It’s also the first time we’ve broadly solicited information from players and quoted the actual chat that caused those account suspensions.”

Full article: Guild Wars 2: This is how you do community management

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