Wow, I DO move my hands a lot when I talk

Friends have often told me I move my hands a lot when I talk. So much so they’re scared I’m going to accidentally smack them. I’ll be honest, the odd pint HAS flown from a table surface while I’m talking about something or other.

But, until now, I’ve never had photo evidence.

When I was teaching in Madrid, I handed out my camera (along with a few university cameras) so students could play with it and a selection of lenses while I explained f-stops and ISO settings and shutter speeds.

According the metadata, these images were all taken within the same 120 second period.

He's handy, in't he?

My favourite is number 7.

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One Response to Wow, I DO move my hands a lot when I talk

  1. Sarah Bennison says:

    Yeah, you do tend to talk a lot with your hands, but sometimes Mark does, especially when it is a topic he really likes.