My niece, ladies and gentlemen

At Christmas I got to meet my niece, Maisie, for the first time. She’s awesome in that way an unashamedly proud uncle knows she is. Naturally I shot a bunch of photos of her, a small selection of which you can view here.

However, my favourite photo might be this outtake, taken by her father, in which Maisie begins perfecting a facial expression that will be much needed when she has to listen to her uncle telling stories. An expression I call “the affectionate skeptic”.

"Yeah... sure."

Portrait Photo Series: Jessie

I shot a whole bunch of photos of my friend Jessie the other week. Here are three. I’m still working out how creative I want to be with the others. Simple colour tweaking, additional graphical elements, or all-out scene creations like the third one below?




Getting inked

If you follow me on twitter then you’ll already know that I’ve spent the last two months getting a tattoo. Two months and a total of ten hours work. I didn’t know it would take quite so long when I first walked into the tattoo parlour. I was eager. I’d spent a long time thinking about what kind of tattoo I wanted and where (black ink, dot-work, right forearm) and had done my research to find an artist in London who worked in the style I wanted (Rod Medina of King’s Cross Tattoo Parlour - I recommend him 100%). It’s a sizeable tattoo, yet not huge. But detailed dot-work like this takes time.

I love it.

The reason for the blog post is I’ve been asked to provide photos. The tattoo has now healed so I snapped a few before leaving for work this morning. Here they are.

The End of Movember

Movember (and, of course, November) has come to an end. I didn’t take part myself, already having a moustache and other facial hair, but I did take photos of my colleagues’ efforts. I thought I’d share them here. Some pretty impressive soup strainers as you can see.

Movember 09 Movember 03

Movember 02 Movember 08

Movember 06 Movember 05

Movember 04 Movember 01