Kraken Attack in London!: Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial for "Kraken Attacks London"

When I used to teach myself Photoshop, I found following tutorials to create cool images the most entertaining way to learn. Sure, I’d only create that one image this one time, but by going through the process and understanding the steps, I could then take those techniques and apply them on hundreds of images I would produce later.

For that reason I’m going to write up a few Photoshop tutorials myself. Today I’ll show you how I made Kraken Attack in London! (available to buy as cards, prints, and iPhone cases)

First you need to source your images. When looking for free imagery I like to search Flickr for those that are Creative-Commons licensed. And if you plan to adapt the image (which we definitely are) and sell the image in anyway (as I have done) then you need to make sure you tick these boxes:

Take your time looking for images. The first rule of good photo editing is making sure you source suitable images. Try to image how they’ll fit together. See if the angles will work. For this project I was looking for suitable city and creature shots. The other requirement of using Creative Commons-licensed content is attribution. You must attribute the original photographers. I’ve listed the names of the photos I used at the end of this tutorial.

Step 01: Open your base image in Photoshop. Use the marquee tool to select the area you wish to use. If you have a size ratio you wish to use, this can be set in the top bar. Once selected use Image > Crop to crop the image.


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