Plus One – a short story

In an effort to write more short stories, to deadlines, I’ve been publishing the results in ebook formats on Amazon and Smashwords. Not everybody has an ebook reader or a ebook phone app, so I figured I’d put them up here for free.

I actually wrote Plus One before the The Earth Invasion Budget Cuts. It’s science fiction themed again, but has more to do with getting stuck in a relationship. If you wish to buy and download it, here are the links. The entire story is below the cut.

Amazon Kindle (UK)         Multiple Formats          Amazon Kindle (US)

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The Earth Invasion Budget Cuts – a short story

[EDIT: The entire story can now be read in this post, below the “Read More” cut]

A friend and I, having watched a sci-fi film where the aliens’ decision to invade Earth was highly questionable, began imagining the conversations that must have occurred between the aliens before the start of the movie.

I thought it was a fun idea for a short story, so here it is. I’ve released it online for those of you with ebook readers or phone apps. It’s titled The Earth Invasion Budget Cuts and you can download it at Smashwords by clicking the logo below.


Or, if you have a kindle you can download it direct from Amazon.



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